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Okay…. My students convinced me that we should watch the film Precious. I wanted to, I really did. I’m not a prude in any way and if you ever do read my blog you will figure that out pretty quick.

5 minutes in, my stomach was sick and turning from the cussing and verbal abuse. 10 minutes in, I was thinking, “Wow this is a modern era re-write of The Color Purple. Precious as Celie, Her step father replaced with a biological father who once again rapes the main character. (Two babies to follow) Blu Rain, Precious’s beautiful teacher who loves to sing aka┬áSug Avery.

I felt annoyed and decided to stop watching and read the book PUSH before continuing with the film…. so stay tuned.

Right now I’m watching Moulin Rouge…. a re-write that isn’t bothering me at all because it is SO beautiful to watch.

Full of spaghetti and cake.

Okay… ┬ádays later I finally finish watching Precious. The second half reminded me of Sharon Flake’s, The Skin I’m In. I wish someone would make Sharon’s book into a movie.

I like the lead actress that plays Precious, I’d like to jump into the screen and kill Monique, and if I had my way, we would have seen Precious graduate college with Mongo in tow.

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