You didn’t even miss me.

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No one reads this yet.

Except for me. Oh! And sometimes Pat, my best friend who races against the fastest lesbian in the world and that horrible Republican world record breast stroke title holder Roque Santos. Republican? Argh!

I’m waiting to hear from important people and Pat is the one who tries to keep me sane or commiserates with me while I wait.

What is a reasonable amount of time to wait? Does anyone really know? Eric says, “Be patient”, Frank says, “Fuck those mother fuckers” and Pat says, “We just have to keep counting on each other to get through this”

Today, I was waiting for the kids to sit down and get to work and I thought to myself, “How long should I reasonably wait before I pick up my own rollie chair and throw it across the room? One minute? Two minutes? Is it even reasonable to chuck a rollie chair at a high school student or would a pencil be better?”

I’m afraid that my teaching career might end one day with the headline: HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER SHANKS STUDENT WITH PENCIL.

It could happen.

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