D.D. Wood started her writing career as a singer-songwriter for Walt Disney’s Hollywood Records, where her songs were used in various Disney films. She received rave reviews for her solo albums Tuesdays are Forever, and Songs for the Red King, and has played with many well-respected artists, including Chris Isaak, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Leon Russell and Rosanne Cash.
D.D. currently teaches 11th grade Honors and AP English in the Compass Music and Arts program in Long Beach California, and is actively involved in mentoring students gifted in the arts. She has a Master’s degree in Education, and has achieved National Board Certification in Young Adult English.
D.D. began writing her first YA novel, The Year I Lost You, through a fellowship to the Vermont Writer’s Studio and has now completed her second novel, Punk Rock Princess, and is currently working on her third YA novel, THE FIELD and her third album, The Sunday Sessions.

12 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks for catching that Brad! It is always surprising to me HOW many times I can check and edit my work and STILL find a mistake. 🙂 D.

  1. Just read your entry about exposing your beaver. I found it looking up the good old days of El Paso Cantina in the late 80’s. Your right up was so funny and I’m sorry you had to take the quick way down those stairs. I do remember them. Good memories at that club. Take care and I will look into your novels.

    • Ed, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. My novels are not published at this time. My short essays about life began getting published on a regular basis and next thing I knew… I was consumed with writing non-fiction. I hope you will enjoy more of my essays in the future.
      Many of them take place in the 80s. 🙂 D.

  2. Hi DD, I was wondering if you read your brother’s “An American Demon,” and if so, what are your thoughts? Were you his inspiration to write? What was it like growing up with him? Thanks, Marc

    • Hello Marc, thank you for writing.
      Jack and I were fortunate in that we grew up in a family that valued music, songwriting, and stories. An American Demon is a work of creative non-fiction so it has been interesting to see what people make of it. Growing up during the 70s was wild for everyone. Imagine the movie the Ice Storm and Suburbia combined: twisted yet humorous that was our world.
      I hope this email finds you well.
      D.D. Wood

  3. Hi Paul. I will be happy to remove photo or add credit or link. I try to do whenever possible but can’t always find the info. Please let me know what you would prefer. I found your photo very calming when going through my divorce. Sincerely, D. Wood

    • Paul, I just realized I did not clarify if it was today’s photo (11-13-16). Would you let me know so that I can credit correctly and if you find any other images of yours on my site please let me know so that I can credit those as well.



    • Thank you for letting me know. I will correct it first thing this weekend. I want to make a new section for photography links so that I can have a special spot for your work.


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