I don’t care what Tiger does

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I do not care who Tiger bangs.

Do I feel bad for his wife? Yeah. Sure. I’ve been there. Personally, to be in that situation and have the WHOLE world look at you SUCKS.

When Old J began to use heroin again, they wrote a huge article about it in the LA times. The next day at school, every teacher I knew came up to me and said, “Are you okay? I read the paper.”

Okay, if you really cared, you wouldn’t mention it. You would just let me walk on by quietly and let me deal with the pain of having my personal life made public.

People always say, “Well they asked for it by being famous.”

Great. That’s like saying I ask for kids to be assholes to me because I became a teacher. Lame.

Tiger can bang away. He is NOT my moral compass. I have bigger worries on my mind like:

Will my student Javier be able to finish school and help his girlfriend take care of their brand new baby boy?

Will my daughter be cancer free this year?

Will I be laid off from teaching this year and unable to take care of my entire family?

If I see another photo of Tiger and his banging broads, I might pick up a golf club myself.

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